Top Things Your Eyelash Artist Wants You to Know

If you have pampered yourself with eyelash extensions before, you would be aware of few basic rules like you need a clean spoolie on hand, that mascara is a big no, and that you might be treated to a worthwhile hour or so nap. Apart from it, there are still more specks of wisdom that every master eyelash artist wants his clients to know to make life simpler and easier for both of them. Taken from some reputable lash artists, we list down few of those interesting facts for your education.

Longer extensions need not equate to being more dramatic

Most clients tend to demand longer eyelashes but in fact shorter lashes are more effective in creating a fuller and bolder look. Long eyelash extensions tend to give a ‘spidery’ effect which is not everybody’s cup of tea. Thus, before you demand the dramatic ‘long lashes’, it is important to decide the kind of effect you are looking to achieve.

Volume sets show great variation

Volume Eyelash extensions boast of volumes which are of varied levels, from beginners to advance. Thus, it is important that you strike a balance between the type of volume you are expecting and the experience and skill of the lash technician you are hiring for the job. If you are looking for advanced volume which floods the Instagram, you would probably need a technician who packs years of experience.

Let go of shyness

Nearly every lash artist strives to give you the best experience possible during your session. If at all during the session, you feel any discomforts like burning session or tape and pads making your eye feel uncomfortable; you should not be hesitant in letting your artist know about it. This will save any future redness and irritation to the eyes. They can also adapt accordingly so that you face no allergic reactions.

Clean your lashes

You also need to prepare for your eyelash extension service. If you come with a cleansed and brushed lashes, your stylish will be extremely grateful. It would ease his burden and let him devote more time to your lashing. This would also assist in helping you achieve clean bonds which would mean better retention and your extensions lasting for a longer period.

Cat-eye styling isn’t for everyone

In cat-eye styling, longest lashes go at the outer corners to make your eyes look larger. This might work with false eyelashes but does not translate well to eyelash extensions. This is because unlike strip eyelashes, it uses your eyelashes as a base. As the eyelashes on the outer corners naturally tend to grow shorter, they are often unable to support the weight of ultra-long extensions. If you overload the end with long extensions, they would balk down under it and create a droopy winged effect which might not sit well with many. Thus it is much better to think beyond cat’s eye and look for a style that has longest lengths between the outer and mid eye.

Skip the caffeine

Caffeine is known to cause your eyes to flutter or twitch. This makes getting each lash properly isolated and bonded, an extremely challenging task. This also makes the entire process dangerous especially with tools like sharp tweezers. If you desire coffee, it should be consumed at least one hour before your appointment.

Wrapping up

These are vital and enlightening tips to follow that will aid both you and your lash artist and will help you get the best lash set possible.